A lifelong athlete, Diane was brought to her first hot yoga class in order to rehabilitate a knee injury. It only took one class for her to realize the multiplicity of benefits to the mind, body and spirit provided by the practice of Asana. As a certified personal trainer,Diane advocates the complimentary effects of a regular yoga practice to athletes fromall disciplines.  Diane’s journey towards the yogic path was by no means a straight one. Never feeling‘quite right’ in the corporate world, Diane spent most of her 20’s studying, she holds a B.A. in International Politics, a Diploma in Business-Marketing and minors in Philosophy and Religious Studies.

Diane first travelled to Hawaii, where she completed the five week intensive portion of Modo Yoga’s, year long, 500 hour teacher certification program. Diane has since continued her exploration with the study of Anusara yoga, under Naime Jezzeny, Sue Elkind, Sianna Sherman, and John Friend in Miami Florida.  Diane is also certified to teach Restorative Yoga, having studied under Judith Lasater in California, and continued her studies of Astanga and Yoga philosophy under Michael Stone. Afters pending some time with Seane Corne, to wrap her arms and mind around Vinyasa and power yoga – her most recent studies were with Bernie Clarke to study and certify in Yin and Chinese meridians. Having recognized Diane’s commitment to upholding the integrity of practice and strong leadership skills, Modo/Moksha Yoga International hired her on as a professional mentor to guide the next generation of new teachers. Diane is an alumni ambassador for Lululemon, as they both recognize and appreciate her heart-centered and joyful teaching style. Diane has gained a solid reputation throughout the industry as a consummate professional, who is always’ raising the bar for excellence in her field.




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Marketing and Licensing Professional with ten years in entertainment licensing, brand building, product development and consumer marketing


For more than 32 years, 3x best selling author Alli Mang has become one of my most trusted advisors in the areas of Media and Sales training, Business Development and Relationship Management. She is a high pressure sales and online trainer who has sold more than $45 million worth of product in LIVE TV sales with well over 2000 hours of LIVE unscripted on-air hosting. 


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Design and Branding professional with nearly a decade of industry experience, Jess specializes in visual strategy for branding.


New Business Acquisition is an American actor, most notable for his role as Raymond 'Ray' Alvarado in Nickelodeon's The Secret World of Alex Mack, Angel, ER, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Without a Trace, and Undressed.

DIANE is well into her second decade of teaching yoga professionally – her niche has been working with professional athletes, NHL and NFL inclusive, to prevent injury and promote longevity. Diane’s impressive resume is littered with consistent study under some of the world’s greatest teachers: Judith Lasater, Seane Corn, Ted Grand, Jessica Robertson, John Friend, Sianna Sherman, Bernie Clarke and Michael Stone. 


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